A Promise is a Promise

Cassie - Dowagiac, Michigan
Entered on October 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

There’s a saying “what goes around comes around”. It’s true that if you do something bad that one day it will come back to you. But can you say the same for “what comes around should go around”? In simpler terms, should you break a promise to someone because they broke a promise to you?

When I was in first grade my parents got a divorce. It was hard to adapt to because I was so close to my dad and he no longer lived with us. My parents and the judge agreed that my dad would get visitation periods with my sister and I every other weekend. He would get to have us come sleep over and just bond for the weekend. That’s pretty normal for a divorce. In the beginning my dad would make plans to do something fun, something we wouldn’t normally do if we had still been a whole family, and he would usually come through. But as the months went on and my family moved on, my dad started coming up short for every plan. He would make some excuse as to why it fell through, and I being a naïve 7 year old believed all of them without question, because back then I saw my dad as a hero. But that view of my dad soon changed.

One Friday night I was sitting in the garden my mom had made, waiting for my dad to come. He had promised he would be there at 5p.m. It was 4:50 p.m. and I was excited to see him again because it had been a couple weeks since our last visit, so I thought I would greet him at the mailbox which was right next to the garden. I sat and sat for a while watching the cars go by; just wishing the next was him. For 2 straight hours I waited, and he didn’t come. I didn’t even get a phone call. Finally, at around 9p.m. he rolled in the driveway and said “Get in the car, we have to go.” He didn’t even say why he was late. No explanation, no apology, not even a “hello”. He just brushed it off like nothing happened. I felt horrible, like I was just another errand for my dad to run. I realized that my dad had changed, and that he could no longer be dependable.

After that I told myself that no matter what promise I made, whether it be to jump in front of a bullet for someone or just give them half my sandwich at lunch, I would always uphold my promises. And now, 8 years later I still do, because to me a broken promise is a sign of a broken relationship.