Jessica - Dowagiac, Michigan
Entered on October 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Melodies blaring out of the stereo, filling your mind with pictures and scenes. Unable to help yourself from bobbing to the numbing beat of the bass. Veins begin to pulse with energy, avoiding the fact you feel like you want to burst out in a total insane dance, screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs. What could create such feelings? Music, that’s what.

I find music to be soothing. Hearing my favorite song makes my heart feel like it might jump out of my chest and do it’s own dance. Listening to it can conjure up feelings inside of me that I didn’t realize were there. Sad, slow, and soft—the usual sound of a disheartened song that could bring back a deep memory from within. Every song can bring out our secrets hidden from the world. That is what is so magnificent about music. I, on the other hand prefer something more up beat to bring out the eccentric side of me.

I believe music is what helps us through the days. There is a type for everyone, no matter who you are. There isn’t even a need to choose only one selection. There is such an enormous list that the fact of choosing only one is narrowing your perspectives on others points of views on them.

Music is even used in therapy to help calm nerves. We use music to show how much we care, or don’t, about you. Music has helped me through tough times by listening to a song I love, like many others do. I believe music has saved lives. I, in fact, know it has.

I believe in music. The way it helps us through lives, how it lifts spirits with its up beat melody. Motivated and inspired by the lyrics entwined in the mesmerizing pieces. Why do you think music is placed in TV shows or commercials? It makes it memorable and pulls you in, flows better. Why is there such an immense amount of radio stations? It’s a world wide thing. That is how wonderful music is.

Think about it, does music affect you and your daily life?