This I Believe

michael - Dowagiac,MI
Entered on October 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

Death to life

How important is life to you? Do you think death is the end? What if I told you that it was just the beginning? I believe that death is the first step in life, I never thought of death that way until I witnessed my father kill a group of chickens and explained to me about how death and killing was a part of life.

When I was just six years old I had never thought that up to that point death was such a big part of life, for life to begin something had to die. I learned this one day in late September when I realized how fragile life was and how death is only the beginning.

One cold September day, I was walking home from school the air was crisp and cool it was a beautiful day out, the trees were dancing in the wind some with the all to familiar colors of fall. I could only enjoy the sights before I had to get home. When I arrived nothing fairly interesting happened until my dad arrived. When I looked out the window and saw him I new something interesting was going to happen from the start.

You see when he came home in the back of his truck was a wire crate with chickens in it. When I saw it the first thing I did was I asked my mom if she new any thing about it and she said, “chickens what are you talking about why would your dad have chickens” as she looked out the window with surprise. Mean while I ran out the front door to see what was going on when I got outside my dad asked me to open the fence so we could get the chickens in the fence when I asked my dad where he got them and what they were for he said that the chickens came from his boss and I would see what they were for in a min. after we got them in the fence my dad took one out and pulled its head off. When I asked why and how he could just kill it like that he said, “It is part of life son, this chickens purpose was to be food for us, one thing dies so another can live.”

After that day I saw life a little differently from then on I looked at life more scientifically and spiritually for an animal to live a plant or other animal has to die, and for life to start anew a person must die. Death is only the beginning.