Personal Philosophy

Shanita - Denver, Colorado
Entered on October 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

In my four years of high school I have been labeled many different things, many people think of me in different ways, and my reputations has changed throughout the four years of high school. I rarely care about how people think of me, because a reputation has always been what you are labeled as, whom people know you as, and what they think of you. I’ve always been more concerned with my character than with my reputation because my character is who I really am, and my reputation is merely what others think I am.

I personally have been the type of person to be true to myself and true to others around me. No matter who I am around, my character has always stayed the same. I’ve encountered many people in my life that act fake. In my opinion a person who is fake is someone who is not genuine and will do whatever it takes to make his or her selves look good. Fake people take part in rumors, lies, and will turn on friendships the moment it no longer is a benefit to them. They will change their personality to fit into a certain group. I’ve never understood why some people care so much about what others think of them because as long as you know who you are that’s all that really should matter.

Even some people that I socialize with think that it’s okay to change their character, when they are around certain people. It really gets on my nerves because I can sense when a person is true to their character or if they are worried about their reputation. When u worry so much about what others think people will never find out whom the real you is because you’ve been so hypocritical. If you ever have a conversation with a group of people and ask about me they will all have the same definition they won’t be confused on what to say and have different meanings about me. No one has ever called me fake because if I want to be loud an let my hair down that’s what I will do, not to fit in but because that’s just me being me, I’m not trying to protect my reputation I am trying to protect my character. By showing that I can be myself around anybody and not caring what others think of me as I am showing my good character.

People often got my reputation from how I dressed, whom I hung around with, or just the way I used certain words to express myself. It seems as if those people would put me in the same category and place judgment on me without actually knowing the person who I really was You cannot judge a person by these characteristics, but you must first learn a person’s true character and make a choice to like that person or not, even if they may have a bad reputation, but a reputation is based on other peoples assumptions and not their true character. I have never been the one to care about what others thought about me or what they may have heard because its just a reputation which may be as fake as the person that labeled me as something that I was not. That’s why I’m always more concerned with my character than with my reputation because my character is who I really am, and my reputation is merely what