D`Andrea - Denver, Colorado
Entered on October 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Passion not bound by fear is what I strongly believe in. In life people are often held back from doing things they want because they are afraid to fail or not have a positive outcome. I believe that you should go for whatever you want in life no matter what it is or how far fetched it may seem. Being passionate and driven and unstoppable are all of the things I strive to be. I admit that personally I don’t like to fail so being fearless is hard for me and most people in the world probably have the same problem. Despite that I recognize that fear is a serious problem in our culture though. Our society tells us to fear spiders, fear snakes, fear terrorist, fear people that aren’t like us, but when do we stop fearing and begin living. Like really living life with no restraints, no fear just with passion to achieve and do things that you might have never tried before.

I was recently in my Black History class and we were studying the Montgomery Bus Boycotts and the question was posed that “If we were to have a boycott would it be successful?” My answer was no, if a bus boycott was held today it couldn’t possibly succeed because people are too afraid of how they might look or what might happen to them if they took a stand. It’s sad to think about but our society is handicapped by fear. I mean if people live without fear there would be a cure for cancer because someone wouldn’t be afraid to go little deeper with their research, and if we lived without fear there wouldn’t be orphanages overflowing because we are too scared to take on other people’s problems. If we let passion be the driving force behind our living instead of fear the whole concept of fear would be defeated, this would surely be a greater nation and we would surely be greater people.