Torie - Dowagiac, Michigan
Entered on October 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: respect

Politeness, manners, being friendly, those are just a few characteristics of being respectful. Having respect for your peers is important to me. I believe, if you are taught at a young age to be respectful, then when you become older it will become second nature. I believe that showing respect and how you act has to do with how you were raised by your parents or guardian. I also believe that being respectful can help you in your everyday life. By being respectful to others it could help you get a job, make a new friend, or it could even make others respect you.

An example of showing respect is looking at a person in the eyes while meeting them. Another example of being respectful is when you are in a meeting or a group function and someone is talking you should always make sure to be quiet and look at the person who is talking. Being respectful also has to do with the statement: “treat others how you want to be treated”. If I were giving a speech I would want people to listen and pay attention to me while I was talking.

People often say that you should respect your elders. I agree with this statement, however, I also think that older people should respect kids and teens as well. Being a teenager myself, I learn things from adults. So if an adult doesn’t show respect how are people going to expect kids to learn or show it?

Another thing I believe is that being respectful can keep you out of trouble. I have heard people say yeah that person is a great person and is very respectful. But I have never heard anyone say anything about a criminal or a person that’s bad that yeah they’re bad but their respectful. So, I think being respectful builds and shows what kind of character you are. Now I know not everyday or every second everyone isn’t going to be perfect, but I think that if people think about what respect means they may show respect more often. So after reading this I hope you understand what respect means to me. I believe no matter your age, gender, or race everyone deserves respect.