This I Believe

Megan - Dowagiac, Michigan
Entered on October 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Me, Myself, and Identity

I have always had problems with my identity. I have

found myself trying to be my own person, while still

trying to fit in. Since about fifth grade I

experimented with clichés and “broadening my

horizons.” I went through many phases, like the “Tom

Boy” phase, the dreaded “Drama Queen” phase, and the

infamous, “I Hate The World And Everything In It”

phase. None of them ever really suited me, though. I

kept looking for my identity, thinking I had found it,

realizing that I hadn’t. I wanted to figure out who I

was as a person, and in that, who I wanted to become.

It was frustrating, and sometimes I just wanted to

give up. I just kept trying, though. Sometimes I did

not even realize I was trying, and others I would

think about it a lot. I just wanted to know so badly,

and I would try so hard. It’s funny, because I make

easy things so hard on myself. I always thought that

I would find my identity if I acted a certain way or

did a certain thing. I really never realized that my

identity is inside myself. I know that sounds really

obvious, but how many times have you gone off to do

something, to see if you would like it? Whether you

realize it or not, that would be you looking for your

identity. I still haven’t got a full grasp on who I

am yet, but now I know how to find myself. I guess

the real reason I want to find who I am is because I

want to find out what I will be capable of in the

future. I want to do great things and change the

world for the better. Who you really are has a lot to

do with the person you will be. Everyone deserves to

know who they are. Identity is something you have to

find on your own. Everyone finds themselves

eventually, even if it’s an accident. After all, who

spends more time with you, than yourself?