This I Believe

Danielle - Dowagiac, Michigan
Entered on October 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in Simplicity. Living in the moment. And as I’ve grown, it’s been harder and harder to hold on to the simplicity in the world. It’s not easy to realize the importance of simplicity until it’s near gone. But I think we can bring it back.

Being a teenager in high school, my life is now anything but simple. Everyone is caught up in the latest trends. They have their fancy cars and tricked out trucks. Whatever happened to riding bikes to school?

I remember when I was in kindergarten; I would come home from school, eat a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, and then ride my bike to my grandma’s house. I would go there just to spend the afternoon with her, to talk. Now days, I see my young cousins come home from school, to our grandmother’s house, and play video games while listening to their ipods. This multi-tasking word is taking over, and I long for those simplicities back. I used to love going sledding and making snow angels with my father in the winters. Now he has too much to do and too many things to think about to even step outside in the winter. No one takes time to sit and enjoy the changing colors of the leaves in fall anymore. People just go about like any other day, making phone calls and receiving faxes.

I was in a doctors office a few weeks ago, and while in the waiting room, I overheard some people talking of an older relative, which I believed was a mother, who had some form of an illness and her 2 sons and daughter had flown in to be with her. I was observing one of the sons, dressed in a fancy suit, who, as the doctor was talking to them, could do nothing more than look at a magazine while quietly talking on a fancy phone to some corporate office on the other end. I remember thinking that the man seemed like a real jerk. He couldn’t even take the time to listen to the doctors about his mother’s illness.

When we were young, everything was so simple. We learned to take one step at a time, and when we accomplished that, we began running. We learned our ABC’s and 123’s. There were no ipods or video games for 3 year olds.

Now in this advanced yet very unsimple world, I try to take time out of my day to enjoy the little things, and to remember those very simple times. I believe that’s where the heart of America lies. I believe in simplicity.