This I Believe

Kathy - Rockford, Illinois
Entered on October 8, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: carpe diem

I believe that the moment is the key to life. For just a moment stop the fighting, the war, the gunfire, the killing, the weeping and mourning of grieving families. Stop the echo of gunfire bangs on our city streets and the wasted young lives. Simply unplug the electricity, the babbling television sets, the clicking of computer keys, the video games and washing machines. Pitch those batteries causing the ringing and singing of telephones, the voice messages and text messages and Blackberries. Stop the flushing and rushing and mowing and going and the racing of engines. Too much hustle and hurry and rush. Oh God, help me to hear my soul speaking to me from within trying to escape the encompassing noise, the noise, the noise.

We have stop for a moment and listen. Stop the music, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, LISTEN! Oh God, I can hear it! Listen to the sound of misery in the world. The weeping women, the crying babies, the growling tummy noises of hungry children, the sorrowful lonely souls, oh God, I hear them.

Listen to the sound of beauty. The wings of a hummingbird, the laughter of little children, the yipping puppy, the chipmunk storing his acorn, the leaves gently falling and whirling in the air until they softly sweep and gradually find their winter resting place.

See the majesty in that crooked oak tree, or the lines of wisdom on the old man’s face. Look at the big fat yellow honey bee pollinating and the mums unfolding to reveal their muted autumn colors. Yes, watch as the painted autumn crispness evolves into the crystal cold clarity of winter, the stillness almost visible. See the popping pastels of springtime warmth become the bright intensity of a hot summer day.

I believe we have to taste life, all of it, don’t miss your moment for daily nothingness. Pinch yourself, wake-up, you are alive! Don’t let the world take you with it on its endless mission. Stand firmly and live the moments of your life and fight for it if necessary, it belongs to you and its too precious to let it pass you by. Savor every moment, because you are precious and you deserve this. Be where you are right this second, don’t blink your eyes, you might just miss your moment.

Listen, do you hear it, can you see it, do you feel it, do you taste it? Grasp it, embrace it, don’t let the world steal it. I believe this moment is a gift that belongs to us. This is our moment, enjoy!

I believe everything is gonna be okay, if we just take one moment of our lives.