This I Believe

Arthur - Deerfield, Illinois
Entered on October 7, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that when young men go off to war, they will come back. They will come dressed in their finest, adorned with shining medals of bravery and sacrifice. And when they get back, we will welcome them back as if they were family. For all their sacrifice, it is the least we can do. But what happens when they do not come back? What about the young men who made the ultimate sacrifice?

I believe that Anthony would have been one of those finely decorated heroes. I would have been there to welcome him home and see those medals of valor pinned on his chest. I would have saluted him as a hero and my superior. I would have. Instead, those medals are pinned in a case with a folded American flag. He will never wear them, or see them, or even know he is a hero. His sacrifice is known only to a few a people, a few people out of three hundred million.

I believe that if someone is willing to make that sacrifice then we should give something back. Even if we do not believe what is being fought for. We do not have to support the government officials making the decisions. But we have to support the young men fighting. It is easy for someone to distance themselves from the war by not supporting it. But for those of us directly affected, we understand what these young men are doing for us. Every day, they risk their own lives so that we can have lives. And barely anyone actually recognizes this. So what is the point?

I believe, or want to believe, that our brothers have died for a reason. Not for oil, or for democracy, but for some reason that I have yet to understand. Every day, I struggle to figure out what has changed in this war and I always come to the same conclusion, nothing. Nothing has changed. This war is going nowhere and it is taking our young men with it. Most of the people in this country could care less. They forget about the young men over there fighting. They do not only fight for themselves, but for all of us. They fight for us and they die for us. And what do we give them back? I believe that we have to give something back. I believe we have to give them our support. I believe we have to recognize them for who they are; heroes. I believe Anthony is a hero and that his death was not in vain. I believe all this because I can.