This I Believe

Joshua - Bonney Lake, Washington
Entered on October 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Life is a river smooth and clear, unless it’s contaminated by the pollutants of society. When a child is born it starts as a pure, crisp, river free of pollutants. As life progresses the river is confronted with hazards that could possibly pollute this new fresh river and cause the river to slow down and not be as clear as it once was. This river does have a natural defense though. It can filter out the possible detrimental obstacles through its rocks and soil and still continue to flow swift and powerful. The river can’t slow down and let the pollutants build up or it will never reach freedom.

In my lifetime family members have had their river severely polluted and then blocked because they dwelled on the past and let a dam build up and block their river. Others have cleansed their river of life and proceeded on to become exceptional people.

My mom’s dad had a tumor and passed away when she was thirteen. This affected my mom’s family forever and was a big obstacle in their river. For awhile some of the family members could not filter the river and go on with life. At the age of sixteen my mom’s brother Don was one of the people who had a hard time with the death of his father. He let the death bring his flowing river to a halt. Drugs, alcohol and crime became a major factor in his life. Eventually his river was completely dammed up and would never flow freely again. Today he lives in rehabilitation center. My mom handled the death much differently. Though she mourned the death of her father she was able to continue to proceed through life and let the past be left behind. The reactions of my family taught me a lesson in life and shaped who I am today for the better.

This experience taught me how to let my life flow around obstacles that are thrown in the way. Things will happen that might not be expected but overall, life goes on. My mom’s brother has showed me the effects of dwelling on the past and not proceeding on. I don’t plan to let it happen to me. The knowledge I gained has developed my river of life. It has made it flow smooth and strong and drift over any obstacle thrown in its way. I don’t perch myself upon my mistakes and let them restrain me from life. Instead enjoy every second of it. I believe life flows forward for everyone and never stops unless it is obscured by the pollutants that are in the way of free flowing ambition.

This I believe.