This I Believe

Georgina - Toronto, Canada
Entered on October 7, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe we are all everything. I believe we are all smart and stupid. Kind and unkind. Grateful and resentful Witty and dull. I believe that each of us consists of the whole of humanity, and it is the parts we choose to use that make us who we are in this lifetime.

I have found myself uncommonly unkind in a split second when teaching someone who I percieve dull. I hear myself literally groan when the words splinter from my mouth and hear my mind try to over ride the words and effect with ‘but I’m not normally like that.’

I’ve come to terms, that I can be. I can also be extremely kind, but then so can we all.

Hitler loved his mistress. Mother Theresa lost her faith. Dichotomies are everywhere in humanity.

Maybe that’s the secret of being human – that we ARE everything, and the responsbility we have is to choose who we are. Every time.