I Stood Against My Personal Wall

teresa - District of Columbia
Entered on October 7, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

Abuse, you truly do not know what it is until you have experience it. Let me take you on a journey of how. I survived. Abuse comes in many favors we can be sexually,economical, verbal, emotional, physical. Sexual is when you ar made to have sex against your will, economical is when financial support stops totally, verbal is when words are useed in an unpleasant way to wmotional is when yur feelings are despaired, ans physical is when you are physically attacked. I experience the all. I fell,got yup, and plowed through my past tortured memories. I found my ground, amd gaind strenght to fight against my physical and emotinal pains.

I embraced myslef with out a voice and many tears, while suffering in silence while standing against my personal wall of abuse, crying night after night, hoping tor a way out and wishing the abuse would someday end. Seeing my father drunk and parnets fighting , no food to eat, beaten at times by my sister and, having my innocence talken form by my brothers.

I changed my ways in life, now able to stand up and spesak out I will not be abused again. Tears no, courage is what it taken to stand up and speak out. Living each day to its fullest, making every second count, knowing who I am, and where I am going. My time is now , My destiny awaits me, and my purpose is calling my name, thus giving me powe to endure the trials.

My commitment to dream never stooped. In the world of silence, my voice is heard through my personal wall of abuse , by using it with words of encouragement and providing support to theose who are hopeless to conquer their personal wall. or unable to see the light at the end of it all to tham. I bring vourage. My destiney is great as I walk and talk beacause I have conured defeat, with the voice of great thunderstorm nad my wall soon falls down with a huge crash. The best is yet, to come. I have learned to embrace my blessing, I was born to win given the wings of an egale to soar above my persona; wall of abuse. I survuved with a tear free-face and a very strong voice, and this I do believe.