Forever Faithful Friends

Chelsea - Apex, North Carolina
Entered on October 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the constant love of my companions.

I believe in the sheer happiness I see reflected in my Labradors’ faces as I walk through the doorway. They are so excited to see me, that they push me back down the steps again, each one, fighting for space to coat my hands with their slobbery, wet kisses. As I persevere through the maze of wagging, furry bodies, I smile and know that I am loved. Every day, I can look forward to these ecstatic greetings that boost my spirit so much. No matter how difficult my day has been or the mood I’m in, my dogs are always there.

I believe in the way dogs can so easily find pleasure. They don’t need amusement parks, jewelry or a massage to keep them happy. All a dog needs is food, love and a floor to sleep on. They act as though I’ve given them the World’s supply of treats whenever I do something for them. I might even accidentally step on their paws and they turn around and wag their tails. I pet them and their tails slap the walls or floor creating such a deafening noise that I know it must hurt them. People could learn a lot from a dog.

I believe in the way they live their lives, seeing the good in everything and living in the moment. They forgive missed meals and merely look forward to the next. They don’t see their food as nasty, dried kibble, but as a gourmet meal to be enjoyed. They aren’t biased like people tend to be, and they accept everyone for who they are. If they happen to get a treat from being friendly, then mission accomplished!

I currently have two Labrador Retrievers, a black one named Ace and a chocolate named Shadow. They are always following me, hoping for a little attention. Their personalities differ so much from one another, it amazes me. Shadow is the more intelligent of the two and is willing to do anything to please me. Ace is a slightly different story. She’s not exactly the brightest bulb in the box and has a mind of her own that tends to get her into trouble.

I have had dogs in my family all my life and each one has taught me important lessons about living. I wish I could be like them in so many different ways, trusting, happy, full of joy, forgiving and in many, many other ways. Through living with animals and observing their ways, I have learned to appreciate and respect them for what they are and what they can do.