I Believe in Living a Life of Mystery

Matthew - 55369, Minnesota
Entered on October 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I was at my high school best friend’s house more than my own. I knew his house backward and forward as I did my own. His dad was like a friend to me as well as a father. There was never any mystery in that household. I would never consider his dad to be one of those distant fathers that are never around. But one day at his house I realized that in four solid years of friendship, that I had never seen the inside of his dad’s bedroom. I had slept in the room across the hall hundreds of times, and used the bathroom in the same hall just as much, but had never even seen the inside of his bedroom. I mentioned this to him one day when the topic of his room came up, and he offered to show me the inside. He mentioned a few pieces of artwork that I was generally interested in seeing in his room. He started to walk towards his room to show me, but I stopped him. I told him that I would pass, that I’ve grown to like the mystery. I believe in living a life of mystery.

I have started to realize that I can’t know everything, even though I want to. There is so little time that we are able to live in this world before we die, and there are so many things to learn. There are so many awe-inspiring quotes to hear and so many unimaginable sights to see. But on the contrary there are other things that just don’t want to know. It isn’t because they are things that are scary, bad, sad or hard to see. It is because when you grow up with certain everyday subjects shrouded in mystery, you (or at least I) don’t want the mystery to end.

I believe I will continue living my life of mystery. Maybe this means that I will miss out of certain things or experiences in life, but maybe it doesn’t. I’m willing to take that risk in order to create a bit of mystery. The mystery in my life is very limited. Everything that I know I can generally hold to be true. There are very few hidden secrets in the aspects of my life, so those I have left I hold on to. These exciting unknowns are not something to solve, but something to experience. If there was a straight answer to every mystery, then there would be no fun in finding the answer. Once the mystery ends, there is just no fun.