This I Believe

Jamie - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: community, sports

This I Believe

When I step onto the blue and red volleyball court, I say, “We are going to win”. When I was fourteen I went to nationals, and my team had great chemistry. We all got along. I thought no matter what came into play that we would win regardless if we got along or not.

This past year, I was on the fifteen year old team for Lions Juniors and I realized that this was not the case. Our team would fight and get mad at one another for the most unnecessary reasons and it clearly affected our play. No one played like a team and everyone just cared how they did individually. I would always say to myself this will stop and everything well be just like last year and we qualify for nationals. During the last month of the season, everyone was still fighting. Every night I would go to my mom and explain to her what had been happening and I would cry. Not only had I not been playing as well as I usually had, but it took a huge toll on me mentally. My confidence was never the same when it came to defense that season and confidence is what makes all the difference while playing. We ended up making it to nationals and loosing to a horrible team because it came down to how well we worked together and how we could push our teammates towards a goal.

I now believe in teamwork. This year, I realized again how much teamwork meant while playing on my high school team. Getting along and teamwork is the backbone of the team. Volleyball is a sport that anything can happen in, no matter how much talent a team has. In many games, it comes down to how much you love the sport and how we can push one another to keep fighting. I love my team and we all get along. If anyone watched us play they would see that we love the sport and we love the sport we play. My coach always said, “I needed a team like this. You guys are always happy for one another and it is a pleasure to coach you all.” I have had many experiences in volleyball but the sophomore team has showed me that winning would scarcely happen if everyone had bad attitudes and no one talked on the court. Talent does not win games, teamwork wins games.

Teamwork takes hard work and patience, but once one gets past that it brightens up the players’ intensity and mood. I have had experiences from volleyball since third grade and sophomore year volleyball has proven that teamwork is a necessity not an option. I believe in teamwork and in this, I believe.