Good Humor

Michael - La Grange Park, Illinois
Entered on October 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in good humor, and not the ice cream bars. I’m talking about humor in everyday life, and the difference it makes for everyone. I believe everything is easier if we can take a humorous look at it, and that the easiest way to make someone feel better is to make them laugh. I also believe that this doesn’t simply extend to other people, but to ourselves as well. If we can look at ourselves and laugh, you’ve got no idea how well it can help you cope at times.

I think laughter is a great medicine because of the instantaneous effect it has on nearly everyone, or at least anyone with a soul. For example, as recently as last Saturday I found myself laughing. That may seem surprising, but please, I digress. On that day I was with my mom, dad, grandma and brother at the California Pizza Kitchen in Oak Brook. I had spent the previous two hours shopping for various things I generally wear out of sheer obligation, so I was understandably downtrodden. Eventually, like the vast majority of humans, I needed to make a trip to the bathroom. While in the bathroom, I had no one else to talk to, so I began to listen to my own thoughts. Unfortunately, this can be something depressing enough on its own. Whilst in the bathroom, I became thoroughly aware of the fact that it was a Saturday night, and I was eating barbeque chicken pizza with my family. This thought caused me to feel rather lonely and depressed, which continued until I got back to the table. When I got back, my brother stated the usual when he instinctively said, “Gee Mike, did you fall in?” He generally uses this line after I return, only because I like to take my time in the restroom. Well when he said that, I impulsively replied, without any real consideration for what the reaction might, “No, I was just constipated.” As disgusting as this may sound now, I assure you that it was funny at the time. This little joke created a quite a bit of laughter from the table folk, and even I was feeling much, much better.

However, I don’t think humor applies to all life situations. Many things obviously need to be taken seriously, and making humor out of these situations can lead to trouble. In some situations, like after the loss of loved one, a person will be considerably upset. Although normally a good laugh could be a way to cheer this person up, this may be an exception. Sometimes people need to be able to not laugh, and simply face things the way they are.

To sum things up, I really feel that laughter is one of our greatest possessions, and that life without laughter would be duller than Dilbert himself. I believe that Stephen Colbert put it very well himself when he said, “If you are laughing, I defy you to be afraid.”

So a few times a day, do everybody a favor, including yourself, just have a good laugh, you won’t regret it.