This I Believe

RAUL - LEON, Mexico
Entered on October 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I can’t keep comparing myself with everyone else, my father is a such a great example, there is no point in competing against him because I’m somebody else. We have different characteristics, if each learns to focus on his strengths then we can get the best out of each other, he forced me for many years to be like him, and even called me weird.

I accept that my ideas could be wrong but at least they are my own. I let others live their life and I stopped to force them to be just like me.

The best learning experience will never come out of schools but from the act of discovering, from curiosity and the things you like or enjoy. I can teach myself anything if I want to.

Mistakes are great, they make me grow, its ok to fail, perfection is a disease, there is no other way to learn, I have to do it on my own and life will never give you something you are not ready to deal with. I don’t care if I never get it right the first time, ninety percent of what I do is mediocre at it’s best but that little ten percent will be great and will make up for the rest.

The present is all I have, slowing down is like changing from drinking coffee to green tea, I take a longer time to eat and my body feels better, more vegetables more fish less meat less grease. I get sick when I’m forced to the fast food program.

People are going to be cruel, lie to you, cheat on you, sometimes the world would seem like the worst place but that doesn’t mean you can’t trust, it’s not your fault.

The only competition is against yourself, love is the most important thing.

Be spiritual, don’t forget about the big plan something larger that life.

Jus give your best everyday.

We are not alone, you can’t think that you don’t need anybody else, we need each other, everyone.

People try to offend me but I don’t let them, learn to stand for what you believe in, you might not change the world, but you will feel like you did.

I am not what I earn for a living, I’m not a worker or an executive not a shoemaker or a writer, I’m me that is all.

Empathy for others they are doing the best that they can.

Actions will always speak louder than words, even attitude can help.

Help others always.

Time is the most precious resource that I have. I try to evaluate if I made the most out of every day, every moment counts that we are send here to make a difference.

This contest is not about being published or sharing but to believe in what you say, the reward is in the writing itself.