This I Believe

Mary - Canton, Michigan
Entered on October 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

The Key to Success

I once read an inspiring autobiography on Benjamin Carson, titled Gifted Hands. He told his story of growing up with a very young, struggling, single mother. Carson’s mother dropped out of school in the third grade and was married by 13. When Carson was only 8 his parents divorced and his mother struggled to make ends meet with him and his younger brother, sometime working two and three jobs at a time.

By the fifth grade Carson was at the bottom of his class, and kids began to tease him and call him “dummy”. He developed a violent and uncontrollable temper.

Mrs. Carson was determined to get her son’s grades up, so she limited his television and playtime and instead made him read books and write reports on them, even though she could barely read what they wrote.

Within a year Carson was at the top of his class and graduated from high school with honors. He went on to Yale University were he earned a degree in Psychology, and then went to medical school at the University of Michigan where he became a neurosurgeon.

In 1987 Carson made history when he was the first surgeon to successfully separate a pair of Siamese twins connected at the head.

Growing up my parents pounded into me the importance of getting good grades and going to college in order to have a successful career. I never understood as a child why it meant so much to them. I saw some of their high school report cards and they weren’t much to be proud of, and neither one of them went to college, so why should I have to?

I did things my way and got a job right out of high school and had two children by the age of 23.

Now at the age of 27, I have just recently realized why it meant so much to my parents that I go to college and not follow in their footsteps.

I believe that education is the key to success. Unlike Benjamin Carson’s mother and my parents, I am leading by example and I am currently a freshman in college working towards my Nursing degree. You can get a job anywhere, but in most circumstances, in order to have a successful career you must have an education.