This I Believe

Anna - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: golden rule

I believe in the Golden Rule. I believe that in all

situations people should “treat others how they want

to be treated.” I have lived by this rule since I was

ten and my church youth group leaders gave my class a

project. My class was assigned to make a poster

stating what we, as individuals, believe in. After

much contemplation, I of course chose the Golden Rule.

The proverb that I chose, however, was the Hindu

Golden Rule. This form of the Golden Rule had the same

basic idea as the “standard American” Golden Rule with

a few words moved around, and added here and there. A

few weeks later is when the rule really hit me. I

started a book drive at my elementary school to donate

books to children who could not afford them. I went

on to volunteer at a preschool as a student helper,

and I began volunteering at a horseback riding club

for kids and adults with disabilities; but those are

just the notable things. Not only had I began to

respect my younger sister more, but also my friends

and parents.

Many people do not realize that the Golden Rule can

be interpreted in various ways throughout the world

depending on religion and location. The standard

Golden Rule here in the United States differentiates

itself from other culture’s interpretations, even if

only by adding, subtracting, and rearranging some

words; but no matter how differently people can state

the Golden Rule, it’s a universal phenomenon that

carries the same general meaning.

Even though the Golden Rule is used in different

places and beliefs, it is obvious that it does not

have the same impact from person to person. One

person, for example, might dedicate their whole life

around the idea that treating others and himself with

respect is essential, while another person may simply

shrug off the idea of the Golden rule.

There are numerous instances in life that could be

made less problematic if every person followed some

form of the Golden rule. From the little things, such

as friendships being ended over preventable actions of

disrespect, to problems as notable as a war being

started because people disrespect one another, the

Golden Rule could help clear the air.

I believe in the Golden rule. I believe that if

every person respected themselves and others, that the

world could, and would, be a better place. On a

personal level, the Golden Rule has helped me grow and

grasp a better understanding of life.