Dog Or Man Who To Blame

David - garden city, Michigan
Entered on October 3, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

Seeing Michael Vick The quarterback for, the Atlanta falcon’s football team being indicated for, the crime of dog fighting. I was beside myself .How could someone with so much, and so much to lose get caught up in such a horrific, “sport”. Bad enough with the dog fighting, but he has also admitted to killing 8 dogs that did not perform well enough for him.

Living in Detroit where dog fighting is very rampant, it is not shocking that it is still out there in this world; it has been for centenaries. It is just a shame that it took a famous person like Vick to get caught to bring it to the national spotlight. Now the world knows how organized this horrid “sport” is. Just last month In Inkster, Michigan police busted up a dog-fighting ring, which lead to 8 arrests.

How could anyone get pleasure out of watching two dog’s being forced to fight? Or is it just for the money that these fights generate? We all know Michel Vick did not need the money. So it must be pure pleasure for him. (But he did kill 8 dogs that lost him money.)

Is Michel Vick worse then some two-bit hood for doing the same thing? Yes, he is, he made a choice to become a roll model when he signed a contract to play in the NFL.A lot of impressionable kids look up to him, want to be just like him. Buy shoes because they have his name on them. (A contract he lost with Nike over his crimes).

We have always put our celebrity’s on a pedestal, but this crime is so heinous, I see no one standing behind him. Just last week, Vick failed a court ordered drug test, and still was not sent to jail. He was just ordered that he could not leave his home from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. I don’t think the eight men from Inkster got to have that option.

Who really gets the blame here? Do we blame the dog or the man? We know the dog is put to death because it is too vicious. The man will get his day in court, where the prosecution must prove his guilt. Who has the dog’s voice? All he was doing is what he was trained to do. It was performing; which is no different then if it sits or rolls over. Why not put the man to death? Because that would be inhumane, right? (Do you see the irony?)

I am writing this essay as a man who too has taken an animals life. But I did it legal, and in the most humane way possible. Not for pleasure but, for food and the good of the herd. And I can say that I have helped more animals then I have taken with food and improved habitat.

I believe we should put Michel Vick in a ring, and anyone else who does such a horrific crime, and let them feel the pain they have inflicted on these dogs. And if they don’t perform well enough, perhaps we should take them out back and put them to death. Maybe then it would put an end to this so called, “sport”.