This I Believe

Lauren - Apex, North Carolina
Entered on October 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change, family

When my dad had first suggested moving, I was more than a little surprised. I had always remembered my mom’s words, “This is the last house we’ll move into! I’m DONE moving!” She had said that after finally finishing unpacking all of our boxes into our old New Jersey 1960’s house. I had lived there since I was six and it felt like home after a couple years. I had made best friends and settled into my neighborhood. Life was good.

That is until my dad’s suggestion. Of all the places he could have chosen, North Carolina seemed to be on the top of his list. I had never even been there before and all Dad had to go on was my mother’s friend who had moved there two years earlier. It was strange. I was suddenly thrown into a decision. Should I be all for it? Or would I really miss my friends I had made in my hometown of Paramus? I had contemplated the decision for more than a few days, trying to think of it seriously. I had finally reached a conclusion. I had decided to give in to the move. I would not care either way, whether I have a fresh start in North Carolina or I just the stay at home, going to a new high school with none of my friends.

A year later, I found myself packing up a moving truck with all my things and trying to hang out with my friends for the last time. I was upset but also excited, ready for something new. My family had chosen this new place and I had chosen it in my own way. I had to accept whatever came at me next.

After starting my first week of high school I met a lot of new people. Most of them I couldn’t even remember their names! A lot of them teased me about my ‘Joisey’ accent but it was friendly. My teachers were nice though and so were most of the students. By the end of the week I had found a whole new group of friends to hang out with. They were fun and wild like I could get at points but they were also accepting of me, even though I had joined them a week ago. It was like I was already one of them. I was so overjoyed about that fact that I could not stop smiling… despite all the work from school. I had accepted my family’s decision and found a new home in, of all places, North Carolina.