This I Believe

Abbigail - wayzata, Minnesota
Entered on October 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everything happens for a reason. Everything that happens is a result of something I decided to do, like karma. At first when I was little I believed that bad things happened to bad people and good things happened to good people. So when I gave my 5 cents away at church, I immediately found my self in the gymnasium eating cookies. I thought that because I did something good I deserved something good in return. So then when I was three and would hit my little brother then I knew something bad would happen, and then my parents punished me, and then I would be right. Now that I am older I now believe in something quite similar called karma. I have had so many hysterical happenings of karma. When I was in junior high I had, for once in my life, not yelled at my brother for weeks and then out of the blue my parents announced that I was getting horse that Saturday. That was a very good day saying I had wanted a horse since before I could talk. Though the horse brought its own karma. I was riding her with out the saddle, which was something I was not allowed to do, and galloped down the stretch of grass and fell off. That experience I still have not learned from and I still ride without the saddle. Everyday during school I believe and know that the more you study the better your grade will be in school. It is a cause and effect, you study really hard, you get a good grade. During freshman year of high school I thought that if I did the homework for math every night that I would succeed in math. I ended up with an A at the end of the year. Also during freshman year of high school I had taken a friend of mines backpack, as a joke, and then found my self face planted into a door that seemed to pop out of absolutely no where. At that moment I formed my belief that karma exists. Though very painful at times karma is real to me.