This I Believe

Josie - Lexington, Kentucky
Entered on October 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I believe in stopping at lemonade stands, especially the ones run by little kids. It’s such an amazing sight when you stop at a kid’s stand to buy lemonade. The smile on their face is just glowing with happiness, and you just know that you made their day. I remember when I was a little girl and I had my lemonade stands. I took it very seriously thinking that I would start a million-dollar industry selling lemonade in my front yard.

On a warm Saturday afternoon, a little girl like me could easily become bored. After much begging, I got my mom to mix me a batch of sugary, yellow, Country Time lemonade. My finger dipped into the iced lemonade, I licked my finger, and smiled because it tasted perfect.

I took several markers from my art box and drew a big sign, which was basically impossible to read, saying, “Lemonade!!!!! 25 cents!!!!” My mom helped my drag my little, plastic art table outside to the sidewalk. Also, Jake, my younger brother, came outside to help me, actually he was just in it for the money; and he brought some red, plastic cups for the lemonade.

After my mom, Jake, and I set up the dinky looking stand, my mom ran back inside to get the prized lemonade. She came back outside, set it on our table, and grinned while saying, “Good luck kids!”

She then pulled out a quarter and politely asked, “Could I please have a cup of lemonade?” I squealed with excitement as I poured her the first cup of my lemonade; and she dropped the shiny quarter into my money cup. She sipped the lemonade and told us that it tasted great.

After about ten minutes, I started to loose my lemonade passion as no one stopped. I need a way to get people to stop I thought to myself. So I grabbed the lemonade sign and danced on the sidewalk.

Well, that definitely got people’s attention.

Several cars stopped by after that asking for the lemonade that was worth dancing worth. I just beamed when they pulled their car to our curb and held a quarter out. Skipping back to our wee stand, I would pour the lemonade and drop 2 cubes of ice into the little cup. They would smile as I handed them the cup and drive off.

At the end of the day, I had three dollars and twenty five scents. Man, I felt like the queen of the world! (Plus, my mom would occasionally sneak by the stand and drop quarters in our money cup.)

I only knew those people for about a minute, and I didn’t even say much to them either. But those few people brought so much joy to me! I don’t think people even realize how much it means to a kid when you stop to buy their “amazing lemonade.”

America is a land of free capitalism and enterprise right? Well, why not support a little kid’s spirit of entrepreneurship. Support their dreams and take 2 minutes to stop and buy a cup or two. What’s it going to cost you anyways? Only 25 cents.