This I Believe

Tyler - san diego, California
Entered on October 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: purpose, setbacks

Everything Happens for a Reason

This I believe, I believe that life throws certain situations at you at the times you least expect them. I also believe that God will not ever put you in a situation you cannot handle. I firmly believe that trying to keep a positive mind set in any situation only brings you strides forward.

One experience in my life has helped me to realize that bad things happen at times you don’t ever expect, and they all happen for a reason. My sophomore year in high school I took a normal routine trip to the sand dunes with my friends and family. Nothing made me happier then tearing up the beautiful sand dunes with my friends and family. Little did I know that my weekend was going to end short. One of the groups of family members we were camped with had a Sand Rail also known as a dune buggy that I dreamed of ridding in. This sand car was worth well over a hundred thousand dollars and was one of the nicest sand cars around. We took off to the dunes flying through the desert with my jaw dropping at how fast this machine was until I noticed the temperature gauge was way over normal. We pulled over in the middle of the dunes to check the problem, and that is when my life changed. I was in the back seat next to the engine still buckled in my seat when the radiator hose blew off and shot water and antifreeze which was over a couple hundred degrees at my arm and back. I immediately jumped out of the car not knowing what just happened and in shock. I pulled off my ridding jersey and my entire left arm had either no skin, or skin that was hanging down inches ready to peal off. I immediately got rushed to the hospital and had 2nd and 3rd degree burns on 15 percent of my body. Luckily phoenix has one of the best burn units in the United States and they helped me heal through the most pain in my life over the next couple months.

After the accident and during my healing process my attitude on life was probably the most negative its ever been. All I could think about was getting back at the guy who owned the sand car, and why this had to happen to me. My life perspective change when I started going to my treatments at the burn center. Seeing other people who had over 75% of there body burned, I could not imagine the pain and time that it took for them to heal. I also realized how lucky I was that only my arm and back got burned in the accident when my face was just inches away from the boiling hot water. From this situation I have learned that everything happens for a reason, and you have to look at the positives of the situation.