This I Believe

Shanleigh - Collinsville, Illinois
Entered on October 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

I believe in including people in my life. Over the years I have met many people, all of which were unique and knowledgeable in very different ways. If you think about it, technically everyone in the world shares one common goal, which is happiness. So when you’re friends with someone, you two are working together to obtain that goal.

In elementary school, I grew up with the same kids from kindergarten to eighth grade. I never got the chance to meet people outside of school because my life revolved completely around school sports and art. But then when I got into middle school, I started meeting high school kids through my big sister. And each of them introduced me to other people and it became somewhat of a cycle.

I ended up meeting all sorts of people so far in my life, all with different styles, perspectives and opinions. I have punk friends, goth friends, preppy friends, athlete friends and indi friends. It seems like the more that I have opened up to people and allowed people to become part of my life the more interesting my own life became. Ive heard all kinds of stories and adventures that I can think about when I need to smile.

Another great part of letting everyone be my friend is that I have friends for all occasions, every time I go to my old school or somewhere in my old city I run into people everywhere who are excited to hear about my new life and friends and adventures. And I know that no matter where life takes me or where I may end up I know that I will have friends with me every step of the way who honestly support me. Because I had the decency to show them the same, despite our differences.

However, the absolute best part about including all people in your life is what you learn from them and how each of them can change you, even if just a little bit. From this I have grown out of judging people at first sight and have been surprised by what I have learned from them. I truly care about everyone that I have included in my life and I plan to always keep it that way. I think that everyone should.