Life Goes On

Patsy - Maryville, Illinois
Entered on October 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

If someone says their life is “over,” do you ever get the feeling that they’ll be alive the very next day? It is said that “the journey is greater than the inn.” This quote means that the journey is better than the destination and that getting to your destination is half of the fun.

Life should be fun, not drama-filled. Some people are so dramatic. They make one mistake, and life as they knew it is over forever. I, however, believe that life goes on. Everyone knows that life can’t just STOP dead in its tracks. If one life ends, another is sure to emerge. If one mistake is made, and you go all out of your way to fix it, chances are you’ll make the same mistake again, or you’ll create a new one. That’s the way life is. It’s a proven fact. The sooner people would learn that, the sooner they’d LEARN to get on with life, and live with their mistakes.

When I make a mistake, I always tell my friends, “I suck at life, but just because I do doesn’t mean that you have to. Find a new hobby! The suck-at-life position is already filled!” When I was younger, I was in foster care. I moved over a million times (so I felt). It definitely wasn’t fun. My biological parents wouldn’t take care of me, so I went into this system not knowing what to expect. There were times I would wish that I had a normal life, (whatever that means), but I knew deep down that I had to make that happen for myself. I had to make my life go on.

One time I remember, my best friend’s boyfriend, broke up with her and she rambled on like the world was going to literally stop spinning on its axis. She acted like all life would cease to exist. It drove me crazy, but pretty soon, she met some kid somewhere and she SWORE she had found her soul mate. WHATEVER! It’ll happen again. This time, she’ll be prepared because she’s already experienced it once. This goes to prove ‘What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.’

Life is boring at times, fun, when you make it, and loaded with stuff to drive you insane! A helpful hint: make the most of life. Do what you can, and don’t mourn over what you can’t. Everyone is unique. Be bold. Don’t be afraid to stand out in the crowd. Remember: no matter how bad life gets, it still goes on.