This I Believe

alissa - Illinois
Entered on October 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

My Belief of Believing

One of my newest truest beliefs is simply just to believe in something. We all have many different things to believe in and no one have the same belief system, but that’s perfectly ok. What makes my belief different is 100% of people agree with it and if they think they don’t they are sorely mistaken.

The magical thing about believing in things is that no one is capable in telling you what you can or can’t believe in, although they may effect your judgment the overall factor is what you yourself wish it to be. Beliefs can be small or large. You could believe in your self and others. You can believe something is or isn’t. Believe it or not we need our beliefs to stay sane and healthy. Our beliefs give us our hopes and dreams. It gives us the capability to be able to stand up for what’s right, for guidance, or to stick it to “the man.” It makes up our morel fiber. It gives us our since of self and tells others about the type of person we are or the type of person we wish to be. It’s our assurance that things will work out. I am sure each of our mothers has stated how much they believed in us. That simple belief they had had the power to make us believe in ourselves. The power of belief I believe can change everything and mostly for the better. People come together sometimes in their beliefs in groups such as religion, organizations, or gangs. In some cases when a people have different beliefs it starts conflict. I also believe in this case people should be able to believe whatever they wish and act accordingly as long as it doesn’t affect others and their own personal beliefs.

This is my belief. Ashley says she believes anyone can achieve there dream no matter what. Tiffany believes in silence. And john believes the cardinals will win the World Series. All of these people have the right to believe and so do you. Sitting there now I bet you can list five of your own personal beliefs easily, can’t you?