The game you don’t forget

Steven - Collinsville, Illinois
Entered on October 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

Have you ever lost a game and wondered if you could have played better than you did? I know I have wondered that quite a few times.

It was eighth grade year and my basketball team is playing in the conference championship game. It was a close game the entire time. St. Elizabeth was playing a pretty good game, but the Linn Wildcats were playing just as hard. The game was back and forth.

When it got to the forth quarter it came down to free throws. I was shooting four for four from the line and was handling well under the pressure. After making one of two more free throws we had a one point lead. The score was 31-30. With ten seconds left in the game we were going to take a foul sense St. E was not in the bonus. We took the foul and the ref called a foul. With St. E’s coach yelling the ref changes the call to an intentional foul. St. E gets two shots. The kid sinks them both and they win.

Game Over. We leave the game with a second place medal which should have been a first place medal. Next comes the wondering that if I would have made both of those shots instead of just one would the game have been over then? Then again was it just a bad call by the ref and we got a bad break? No one will ever know. I know one thing though I learned something that night. I learned that ten years from now I never want to look back and wonder if I could have played better, done better, or acted better in anything I do. I learned that no matter how tired you are that when the game is on the line you have to play your hardest. I learned that next time I step on the field, or court I’m not going to stop playing until the buzzer sounds or the whistle blows. I learned how to become a real athlete.