This I Believe

neil - willow springs, Illinois
Entered on October 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

When snow falls, the Suva family is ready for it. For the past ten years, they have been snowboarding in their back yard. It has been a Suva tradition to build a snowboard ramp to go down. Over the years, the job of building the ramp has been passed on from brother to brother. Three years ago, it was my turn to build the ramp because my other three brothers had gone off to college. The ramps started out small, about twelve feet tall, but by the time I got to build it, the floor stood over sixteen feet tall and the light posts over 28 ft high. The Suva family knows no bounds; It is my belief that only a skilled snowboarder should attempt anything that the Suva’s do behind their house.

One day in November, I decided to call over my friends Kirk, Dan, Jimmy, and Kayvan. Kirk, an experienced snowboarder had no trouble with the ramp. Jimmy decided to go down and lost his balance. He leaned over the railing and grabbed onto the speaker wire leading from my shed. To this day I do not understand how he didn’t fall even though he was leaning over two feet past the side. Kayvan, who had never been snowboarding before decided to go down. He would get about half the way down and grab onto the end of the railing, pulling himself off the side of the ramp. After quite a few tips and a number of cautions, he tried it again, he still held on. His holding on to the railing was even more dangerous than going down the rest of it.

The performance of the beginner snowboarders has led me to believe that only skilled snowboarders should attempt to go down my ramp.