This I Believe

Darren - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on October 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, love

A Love Like No Other

Through the good times and bad times I can always rely on them. They will be there when I fall and when I rise to the top. They have numerous ways of showing that they care. One might be a word of encouragement and another maybe a warm and loving hug. Who are these heroes that choose to stand with me in times of trouble? My family.

I believe that there is nothing like family. The people that surround me with love and understanding are golden. This word, family, goes deeper than just sharing the same genes or skin color. Family includes all the people I hold close to my heart. Although sometimes my family does not always agree, we are still together and strong. The feeling of knowing someone has your back fills my heart with courage, and I know that I can face any hurdle that comes my way.

When I am on my way to my grandma’s house on Thanksgiving, I feel ecstatic to discover which family members will be there. Will my Uncle Keith be there with some of his delicious Shrimp Smuggle dish? Or will my Cousin Shanae be there attempting to follow my grandma’s secret recipes? All I can do is wonder about the challenging games we will play or the back-in-the-day stories we will tell. I also think about the bad news someone will report, and the advice that my grandma will give everyone to lift their spirits once again.

The most important worry on my mind is about the family members that will not be there. The family members that have left us with only memories. I hope that no one will forget these memories, or the love that these relatives shared with the family.

When I hear the word family, I do not hear one word, I hear various names; the names of the people that know me and love me for who I am. Family will be there. Family will always care. Family will be anywhere and everywhere you go. This is what I will always and forever believe.