This I Believe

Angela - chicago, Illinois
Entered on October 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Stuffed Animals

I believe how ever old you get; you are never too old for a playground. Every kid grew up at a playground, why would you ever let a place so amazing leave your life? Whenever I visit home, I visit the school across the street and go swinging.

I have a friend, Rachel, who I grew up with. We used to always go to the park together and play silly games, you know, like “house” type games. We’d jump rope, hopscotch and do the bike rodeo painting on the asphalt. Rachel was my favorite playmate as a kid. Now, when I’m in town, we go to the school and swing for hours. We swing and talk about everything anyone could imagine. Swinging with her always is sort of like a retreat, I feel like we are gone from everyone and everything.

I believe you never get too old to watch good cartoons. I’m not talking about Dora the Explorer or Teletubbies, I mean good cartoons, like Rocko’s Modern Life, Ahh! Real Monster’s, Hey Arnold, or Doug.

When I was younger, cartoons were my life. All those shows were my favorites. As I got older they died out, one by one. It was sad, but some of the new cartoons are still good. I won’t deny it, I love SpongeBob and Fairly Odd Parents. Recently, I have found that Nicktoons, a digital cable channel, has old cartoons, like Rocko and Real Monsters. I watch it as much as I can and my dad makes fun of me and always asks, “Aren’t you too old for cartoons?” No, I’m not, because I believe there will always be some kid left in me.

I believe you are never too old for a stuffed animal. Whether it’s your old favorite or a new one for your collection, a collection of stuffed animals can never be too juvenile or get too big. Stuffed animals are so cute and cuddly, why would you ever want to stop collecting such adorable things?

Since I was young, I was collecting tons and tons of stuffed animals. My first favorite was one I got in the ambulance, as I was on my way to the hospital after I had just broken my nose. He was a white bear with a red shirt. In second grade, I fell in love with Lazy, from a furniture store. He is still my absolute favorite, even though there is no stuffing left in him besides his arms and legs. He used to be a brown fuzzy bear. Now, he looks sort of like a dog, and his beautiful coat turned into little nubbies all over his body. He is lying down, so he is perfect to fall asleep with. Along with Lazy, my other favorite is Daryl, my polar bear. I made him at Build-A-Bear when I went to California with Rachel, about two years ago. I practically collect Build-A-Bears, but he’s my favorite out of the 18 I’ve made. He’s still filled with his stuffing, but soon enough, I’m sure it will all dissolve away, like lazy. I don’t why, but I love these bears more than life itself.

However old you are, I do believe your heart stays young. I really, truly do believe it’s good to always have some childlike tendencies, and to always stay youthful.