I Believe in My Future

Elif - La Grange Park, Illinois
Entered on October 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I study hard in order to earn a future full of good fortune and plenty of music ahead of me. I know that when I am older and have graduated high school, I will have been accepted into a great college, either majoring in law, or music. I know that when I am in college, I will study my music or study law, maybe even public relations. So far, I know that I love music, and aspire to have a challenging job with a good pay. A challenging job will cause me to learn to put more and more thought into my next obstacles I come across in life. Music could possibly be a part of that dream job. Once I graduate from college, I will have this great job that I aspire for. Hopefully this job will give me even more challenges to work through, because I believe I will be able to. I believe I will therefore live a fulfilling life.

My way of working through this process will be to study hard and work to get to the goal I set for myself of getting straight A’s in school, whether it be my sophomore, junior, or senior year of high school. Although I am not immediate with starting my homework when I come home from school, due to the lack of desire to, during the week when I do start it, I complete it. When I say “complete it”, I mean that I will not start something, do it half way and then just throw it somewhere on the floor. For me, it does not matter if it is 12 o’clock midnight, or 10 pm. I feel the need to start something, and finish it, because I know that in the future, I will be able to utilize that effort even more. Although starting earlier on my homework would make my life a lot more easy for me and a lot less tiring, I know that when this is all over, I will still get that A, or at least, a B on the assignment. Because procrastinating is only more tiring and trouble-causing, I have started to come home beginning my homework at an earlier time like 5 pm, instead of 6. I think of something that motivates me, like the show “The Office” on Thursdays. If I finish my homework before eight, I will be able to watch my favorite show.

TV shows, or activities in the evening, like being with friends are not the only motivations I have in my life to make me start my homework earlier. Starting homework earlier is not the only way I can reach my goals. I will go out there, try to ask more questions about the world, be more detailed, and practice piano more in order to achieve that goal of being a musician, or a lawyer; perhaps even an astronaut.

Why do I have goals and motivations? I believe that my life will be better and more satisfying. I believe I will be able to live my life without any struggles…some day.