Unnoticed Natural Beauties

Lauren - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I like to look closely at the inner beauty of objects and respect every twist and turn within them. I am so thankful for my surroundings and the part of the world I am able to watch grow from day to day. Many go unnoticed every day. I appreciate every little flower petal, rain drop, snow flake, and grain of sand.

About eleven years ago, at the age of five, my best friend, Alex, moved to Indianapolis. She was my whole world, and soon was about to move to what seemed like time zones away.

Three years after this occurred, it was time to visit. Her family came back to Western Springs and we had what seemed like the time of our lives. Though, the true fun did not begin until I was going to go home with them.

I was nine years old and about to set off for my first “road trip”. I wasn’t used to traveling often or for long periods of time. Being a nine year old, I was very impatient and could not wait to see Alex’s new house. Once in the car, about every ten minutes, I kept taking off my seat belt, standing up, and asking when we were going to finally arrive in Indiana. Her parents were so fed up with my unwillingness to cooperate, we had to pull over multiple times to let Alex and me run around and burn off some irritating energy.

It would always be slightly harder to get back on the road each time we pulled over. After what seemed like weeks, we arrived in Indianapolis. The car door swinging open was like the golden gates opening before my eyes.

I looked up into the afternoon sky and set my eyes on the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen. There was an electric orange sun surrounded by fuchsia pink and purple slowly shading into a deep blue. I believe in natural beauty of all shapes and sizes.

This sunset was so memorable for the main reason that I was finally at the place I had just traveled all day to reach. My destination felt like heaven. It was my sanctuary found within that hectic day.