This I Believe

Selena - Willow Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in balance.

“Step with care and great tact and remember that life’s a great balancing act,” Dr. Suess. This quote shows us that balancing life is taught to humans of all ages, from the young children who read Dr. Suess books up to the adults still trying a find a way to balance their own lives.

I was a gymnast for 7 years and throughout those 7 years my fear of the balance beam grew deeper and deeper. The thought of getting on an object and having a high probability of falling off did not seem too thrilling. I always fell off. If it was just simply walking or turning, I would lose my balance and fall. Now, as I am growing up, I wonder if my bad balancing skills will follow me in my everyday life.

My 8th grade year was one of great unbalance. My only priority was to have fun. Homework and school almost seemed optional. It took a toll on my grades and after seeing my first quarter report card, I decided that I needed a new approach at school. What I needed was to find a balance between getting my work done and having fun. To achieve this needed balance, I set goals for myself and did not let anything distract me. Fortunately, I found that balance and my school year turned out to be one of my best.

I believe in balance. I believe that humans need balance in their lives to make sure they have their priorities straight. You cannot obsess over one thing or the balance will be off. It is important to stay at an equal balance.

Now that I am older, I have come to realize that balancing skills do not follow you as you grow. They are skills that need to be worked at and never left unchecked./ Although my fear of the balance beam will probably always be with me, I know that it has no effect on how I balance my own life. I am at my own equilibrium.