This I Believe

Joseph - Brookfield, Illinois
Entered on October 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe in my family as a source of strength, a source of identity, and a source of tradition. In order to empathize with my belief, you need to meet my family. Family for us is noisy large gatherings on holidays with the aroma of luscious scents. Family for us includes greetings with mandatory kisses. Family for us is daily phone calls, everyone knowing each other business.

The many customs we practice as a strong Italian family have been passed down from generations. Eating meals as a family, sharing your ideas, talking about your daily experiences strengthens bonds between each other. One of our most fun customs is making raviolis once a year during the Christmas holidays. Having generations come together during this time gives us a sense of tradition and accomplishment since we produce over 350 raviolis. Celebrating the Catholic Sacraments, which are some of the biggest moments of your life, gives us a sense of identity.

Respect is something both given and earned. Grandparents and great-grandparents are respected for their wisdom and guidance. Religion is respected a tradition of coming together to honor God. Our heritage is highly respected by our family. Our heritage gives us a sense of pride and confidence. Our continuing respect for our history gives us strength.

Triumphs and hardships are both celebrated and mourned by a family as a whole. Celebrating accomplishments are done in parties where everyone is invited, grand food is served, and conversation is in abundance. Supporting each other in defeat is even more essential. Being there for each other is an essential element of family. Genuine Concern for each other’s welfare gives you the confidence to take chances and try new adventures.

During my life I have learned more from my family than anything else. I will continue to pass the traditions of my family onto my children. The knowledge you are loved, supported, and have an identity that connects you gives you courage to excel in life.