This I Believe

Amanda - Counselor, New Mexico
Entered on October 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that playing video games can’t help you in school. Video games are only there because they want you to play almost all day! My little brothers are in the living room, playing their PS2. I try everyday to tell them to turn it off. Whenever I look towards them, their eyes are watery and red as if they never slept! They are so busy playing the game without blinking! Can you imagine that? Well, as for me, I can because I see it all day, everyday.

Whenever we go up to my grandparents’ house, they are wanting to bring it up to their house. My grandparents always agree with me, that we should hide the PS2 from them, just for a day. My mother, She just watches them, sometimes she would tell them to turn it off. My father, he just watches them, too, but doesn’t say a word!

My little brother, Adrian, stays up until probably 1:45 am or longer playing the game! My other little brother, Darren tries to stay up with Adrian, but he ends up falling asleep. He is playing the game, half-asleep! HA! Well ain’t that funny? To me, it is, because the way he sits is almost like lying down half-awake.

Well, on my belief, people playing games are gonna have trouble doing their school work. They should read books, instead of playing video games. This I believe.