This I Believe

april - tacoma, Washington
Entered on October 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, legacy

2007 a new time , a new decade, anew meaning, with new rules,and a new leader

Not much diffrent between now and then. You still have your fake friends,and unloyal men/women.

The rain still smells like the rain and the snow is still cold.

We as americans ask , “although we have a new year to look forward to, and the new years resalutions we strive to have a diffrent meaning. Why is there such repetitive behavior even in the adults that run this country.”

My mother said it best when she said “If you know you past then you know where your headed.”

I didnt fully understand untill i was an adult my self.

so in the end ther will still be people who try to win your friendship only to bring you down.Sorry to say it , but yes, unloyal men and women will still be lurking.

You have to remember what you have been threw inorder to avoid and recignize such people.

thanks mom for all your wisdom knowlege and understanding.


a 25 yr old student with 5 kids