The Use of Sunscreen

Anna - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

When I was younger, whenever I got sunburned, I would cry and cry, telling my parents to make it stop hurting, and wish there was something to do to make it go away. On the other hand, whenever I was told to put sunscreen on, I’d cry and cry, whining to my parents about how much time it wastes and how I just wanted to go in the water and have some fun. At that age, I was too young to put two and two together, to realize how silly I was really being. I never really thought twice about how using sunscreen could really help me in the long run, that is, until I got older and learned that my great-grandma, and grandma had skin cancer, and I would soon find that my mom did too.

I believe in the use of sunscreen. After being informed of people I loved being sick, I was really worried, considering cancer is such a big word. When I found out that skin cancer could be removed, I was a little relieved, but the surgery is very painful, and once the cancer is gone, there’s still a chance of it returning at least once, or more. My mom has gone through 2 surgeries, and the effect it had on her directly after seemed very painful and hard for everyone. When my mom and her elders were younger, sunscreen wasn’t something so stressed like it is today, and if the people of those generations and before then would have known to wear it, it could have saved a lot of lives and hardships. After going through the difficulties that one thing can cause people to suffer and go through useless pain, I now cannot complain. Every time I am asked to put sunscreen on, being older and mature I of course would, but besides that point, I offer it to others when they don’t have any, and although it does protect you from the sun, it still allows you to get a little tan as well. Putting it on may take a few minutes out of your day, but when it comes down to it, its much better than spending a few hours in a painful removal surgery, or sparing a few years off your life.