Living in the Moment

Cathy - Willow Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Summer of 2006 was a big year for me. I was going from junior high to high school. I was determined to make it my best summer yet. I have a summer house about two hours away in a very small town. We have a big lake and a lot of land to do whatever we please. Since it was my last summer before the big transition, I went all out crazy. I drove the jet skis as fast I could and go through the big waves. I would go tubing and tell my brother to go fast on the turns with the jet ski so I can feel the force of the water. I didn’t care what my parents told me. I didn’t care if it was dangerous or safe. I just really wanted to enjoy my time before I start high school.

During a hot summer day, my cousins, my brother and I drove out ATVs around the trails and we would race each other through them. It was my turn to go next against my cousin Simon. Simon is a big competitor, so whenever there is a race or something I would do anything just to beat him. I started to build up all this energy and really just wanted to hit the gas and go. We started the race off with normal speed but when it got close to the finish line, it was on. I pressed the gas all the way and turned to Simon and said “Ha ha, slow poke!” I was not paying attention at all to the trail or where I was going. As I passed the finish line I turned around to press the brakes and then I hit a huge tree. I never saw that coming and I got hit pretty hard. I landed on my back and got a cut on my arm. It was funny at first but then the pain started to kick in later on. That is when I realized that I may have gone a little over board and let the fun over take me. That is why I believe in living in the moment but not getting carried away. Since I let the fun take over me, I did not realize what I could have gotten myself into.

Ever since I have hit that tree I have been more careful when I am living in the moment. I try to control myself and not let anything else control me. If I have never had hit that tree I probably would still me going crazy when I am having the time of my life. You never know what my hit you ahead and make you realize wow I should have never done that. Love to live life but with a controlling matter.