My Brother and I

Claire - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe that the bond that I have with my brother is what keeps us so close. My brother and I are twenty-two months apart so he’s a senior this year. I’ve recently been thinking about how he won’t be here next year when I need him. When we’re both bored at an awkward party causing both of us to drive off in his huge truck. Or how we won’t be able to drive through Wendy’s at eleven-thirty at night. I’ll be home and he’ll be gone.

It’s funny that we both do the same things. When each of us get home and realize that the other one isn’t there, we immediately ask where or when each other is getting home. We both didn’t know that we do that every single day. But being in our senior and sophomore years, we are always going separate ways. But the hardest part is trying to face the fact that I won’t have to ask where he is because he just won’t be here. So I’m trying to save my favorite times with him. I have one more year of spending weekends in the summer going to his lacrosse tournaments getting to know all the senior parents, and boys, of course. I have a few more times to race our family’s wave runners across our lake in Wisconsin. One more year of him coming home at twelve o’clock at night and laying on my bed and telling me all about his night. I always hear about his new girlfriends and the drama at North Campus. Now I guess a phone call will be what it takes to find out anything from him.

He is not only one of my greatest friends, he is incredibly brave. When he was eleven, he was diagnosed with type two Juvenile Diabetes. This disease is one that you receive when you are born but doesn’t occur until later in your life. It happens when your pancreas doesn’t deliver insulin to your body. Colin, my brother, was in the hospital on his birthday and because of this, couldn’t celebrate his birthday at the Sox game. This was the first time that I ever saw my brother in the hospital besides a broken finger from dodge ball or something. I never saw my brother this vulnerable and this made me scared. I spend every single moment with him that could playing on his hospital bed raising and lowering it using the really cool remote. When he started getting shots, I was so sad that it hurt him so much that I would cry too. Every day I get to know my brother better and our relationship grows even stronger.