This I Believe

Ashley - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that words hurt. I believe that gossip and rumors cause damage even more. I feel that rumors are spread and people gossip because they feel insecure. They don’t like to talk about themselves, instead they tend to focus on other people and say things they do not even know are true, all just to get people’s attention and get their little fifteen seconds of fame.

Arriving at school and being immediately hit in the face with everyone gossiping about what went on during the weekend. I hear rumors being spread, I hear people talking about things they were not even there for. I hear what happened to so-and-so, and who did what. So why do we do it? Why does the majority of the human race feel the need to talk about other people, and not even know the truth about what they are talking about? It is really none of their business. I do not understand why people are so intrigued with other people’s lives. For example, why do most people care about the lives of celebrities? How does Paris Hilton being in jail make the front page of the newspaper instead of topics that should actually be important to people? You can find reality shows on almost every TV channel to watch shows about other people living their “so-called normal” lives. I think the reason is because we are simply fascinated with other peoples’ lives. I believe that words, rumors, and gossip hurt.

I do not think that people who start these rumors know how much they are going to harm the people they are talking about. These “rumor starters” make impulsive decisions without thinking much about their consequences or who they will affect. I can admit I personally do struggle with fully processing my decisions I make about what I say and do. I am now trying to think about my decisions more in depth than I have in the past. I am also starting to take into account what I am doing, and if it could potentially affect or hurt someone else. Because I have been involved on the receiving end of rumors, and I can say from experience that it really does hurt. I believe that words can be ugly and cause harm to people.

People should be more careful with what they choose to say. You have all heard the saying, “If you do not have something nice to say, then do not say it at all.” I am really starting to take that saying to heart. Now, every time I start to speak, I try to think to myself, is this a kind thing to say, or could it end up not so nice. I believe that words hurt and gossip and rumors do not need to be spread.