This I Believe

Danny - La Grange, Illinois
Entered on October 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I Believe

I believe in athletics. Life is full of all sorts of stresses and challenges. It can be very hard to get away from these aspects of life, especially when five out of every seven days are completed in the classroom. But in sports, there is nothing to think about except the game and the thrill of competition.

Homework, tests, studies and school in general can sometimes seem to control life. This year I decided to take extra classes and it has made my life a lot harder. Not only has my work load nearly tripled but the amount of stress I put on myself to get the projects and papers done is up just as high. Everyday when that 2:59 bell rings it is like all my troubles melt away into the leather seat of the activity bus, the so crowded but loved bus that hauls me off to soccer practice. Two hours of entertainment separating the troubles of school from the horrible idea of doing homework. Just knocking the ball around makes me forget what I will have to do when it is all over.

School is not the only problem that is presented in life. Friends and family can be just as, or more, stressful. When with your friends it may seem like everything would be good and that there wouldn’t be any problems. The constant arguments and talking behind backs often take a toll on the brain. Social events may be the most stressful thing in my life, especially around homecoming time. At home should be a place for relaxing but can often prompt for fights and disturbances. This is why sports can be extremely helpful in relieving stress. When I step onto that soccer field it is like I can knock my anger out just by wailing on the soccer ball, there is no talk except for the language of soccer, the howlers and shouts of “I go”, “long ball”, and “keep.”

Life can present many problems and often times there is no way to get around them. I have found my savior, I have found my relief, and in a world full of stresses and troubles I have found that soccer, and sports in general can help me get though it.