I believe in laughter!

Kelley - Indian Head Park, Illinois
Entered on October 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that is the best way to live life. That doesn’t go through life without talking anything seriously, but if you fail or get embarrassed, you should find some sort of humor in it.

When something bad happens to me, I first realize that I need to somehow fix it and prevent it from happening again. But immediately after that and most importantly, I try to find some part of the event that was funny, even if it’s just in the slightest way. I think a lot of people might not be willing to try this humorous way of living because they might think that if you just laugh something off, others will think you’re insensitive or careless of what’s going on around you. But for one, you don’t have to actually laugh out loud so people won’t think you’re insensitive. Also, if you care about something, you’re going to treat it like you care by building onto it, protecting it and acting like it’s important in general. So others won’t think that you’re careless and lazy.

This laughing belief has served me in many ways. Most recently, I was sitting in class. The class was taking a test, so nobody could talk otherwise it would obviously be perceived as cheating. When ever I sit in class, I put my feet on the back of the person’s chair in front of me. But I put my feet on below their seat on the book holder, so it doesn’t bug them. The whole test I had my feet on what I thought was the book holder. I first got up to turn in my test and then sat back down. A couple minutes later, the guy sitting in front of me turned his test in. When he came back to his desk, he turned around and asked, “Why did you have your feet on my butt the whole test?” That could have been an embarrassing moment that I mixed up where my foot placement was or it could have been an aggravating moment that he didn’t let me know earlier. But those two reactions would be uncomfortable for me. It’s much more calming to laugh about that. So now when I tell the story to friends or my IPC class I laugh about it and feel no embarrassment at all.

These days many people are constantly stressing over little things. Every single day I hear one of my friends come up to me with a “huge” problem or a terrible thing that happened. However, these humungous problematic situations are usually not going to impact them that greatly in the future. So they really should just calm down and laugh. Even if the events that people stress out over are actually huge problems, they still should find some sort of laughter in it. I don’t mean that you shouldn’t deal with a problem and just laugh about it instead. I mean that you should laugh while you’re dealing with the problem. It’s simply much easier. Laughing at situations is a good way to stay calm, cool and relaxed. But being able to laugh at your self is even more important.

People say that I laugh at anything and that it’s not cool to do that. But, contraire, I think it’s great. I believe people should laugh at things any chance they get and encourage others to laugh also. What I mean by encouraging others to laugh is, you should laugh at others’ stupid jokes. If you know they’re trying to be funny and you’re not laughing because you’re being a jerk and trying to not include them in conversation, then it would encourage the person who made the joke to not attempt to make a joke in the future. This would lead to too much serious attitude with them and ultimately cause an uncomfortable and stressful life. If you laughed at their dumb joke, then they would be more likely to be living a leisurely and humorous daily life.

The fact is, things are going to happen regardless of how you respond to them. But it’s much more comfortable to laugh about it, then to cry about it.