This I Believe

Julianne - 60525, Illinois
Entered on October 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: afterlife, place

This I believe

I was moving for my first time ever in the grim year of 2002. Eager to buy a house due to the soon-to-be-new-school-year, we bought a house we assumed to be perfect. It was cozy and just right for 3. I was even starting to enjoy the new situation.

But a few weeks after we settled in, strange things began happening. The lights would flicker on and off for no apparent reason, or a gust of chilly air would rush through your body unexpectantly. My family and I started to get a little frightened, but not frightened enough to actually run out and buy a new house, so we put these incidents to the side.

A few days later, we noticed a pattern of handprints and footprints covering our wall from the corner of the top left ceiling, all the way down to the bottom right corner of the end of the wall, and I just remember feeling so freaked out. We then hired a painter to paint over the mysterious prints.

About 12 hours later, the prints showed up again, but this time they were leading all the way down to the floor. Curious, my mom and her friend and I lifted up the floorboard the last print was on, and saw stains of blood just covering underneath the floorboard.

Because of this experience, I believe in letting the individual’s mind take over their own imagination. For some, I’m sure that they’d say this story is complete bogus or that someone could have easily broken into the house-since after all it was on a busy street-, or that my crazy, devil believing babysitter at the time was playing a prank on us. Or perhaps, what I believe to be true-that there is life after death for some lost souls wandering the earth. I look at this as an adventure I had, living in a real haunted house, and I can share this experience with others, and let their own minds interpret the experience from the story I give.