This I Believe

Kevin - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that magic happens around us every single day of our lives. Though many would deny that such a thing as magic exists, I still hold firm with my ideas. Magic for some is considered the classic cliché with wands and spell books, but I see magic through a view that is different entirely. The dew that forms on the open fields so perfectly, and the rays of light that break through the trees early in the morning, that is magic to me. From these visions of beauty, a certain amount of enlightenment can be achieved. This enlightenment could be considered seeing the day in a new way, or simply by noticing the little things in life that you never saw before. Sometimes those little things can be the biggest, and most important things that you will ever come across in one’s life. From my own daily occurrences various examples of this pop up almost everyday of my fifteen year-old life. One such event was, I was riding my bike to school, as I do everyday, and then I spotted something that I had never seen before. The sun was shining down upon the trees that lined the street creating cooling shadows across the road and side-walk. Then with the shadows came beams of light from between the branches of the trees, piercing the shadows surrounding it. During this sixty degree bike ride to school the light was warming and almost comforting to my slightly shivering body. This I knew in my mind at that moment was magic at its best. With that event and all the others, magic is sometimes indescribable. That first laugh from a new born child in your arms, the love between loved ones, that is enchantment of magic. These feeling no matter who you are, are captivating and breathtaking in the simplicity and beauty they contain. As a result of the many things in life that I have encountered and have yet to have beheld, I have gained a better understanding of what life really contains and the enchantments it holds. That is why I believe in magic, the thing in everyone’s hearts and minds that allows us to come to a better understanding of how to value and measure the infinite magical qualities of our own lives.