This I Believe

Danny - LaGrange Park, Illinois
Entered on October 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe…

I am nearly sixteen years old and I have all the opportunities in the world open to me right now. I can do anything I want to do and become any person I choose to be. I can be more practical and worry only about that one job I want to have, or I can think bigger and do something that I really love doing for the rest of my life, even if it is a long shot. I believe in dreaming big and becoming any person you want to be.

I play baseball and I play it pretty well. I have been playing since I was ten years old. I play in the spring for LT and in the summer for La Grange. During baseball season, all I do is think about baseball and can’t wait to play. During the off-season, all I do is think about baseball and can’t wait to play again in the spring. One can conclude that baseball is a pretty big chunk of my life.

I remember when I first started out playing I was a terrible player. I was close to being one of the worst in the league. That’s what made me want to quit after my first year. But my dad really wanted me to keep playing, just to play. So I continued. The next season I was better, but still not all that good. I hated having to suit up and make a fool out of myself every time I had a game. But I kept doing it, mainly to keep my dad happy. I continued the next season and that’s when my talent had finally showed up. I was one of the top pitchers and hitters in my league. That was when I fell in love with the sport and got better. So, up until I started high school, I thought there was no one better than me. I was pretty arrogant. When I made the team for LT my freshman year, I finally saw what I was up against and I felt so small. My confidence level was shot down.

I once thought that I had a good shot at making it to the big leagues when I grew up. But once I saw the caliber of player that was still out there I didn’t think that anymore. However, I realized that my other alternative was to work for the rest of my life, maybe doing something that I won’t necessarily want to do. I had an epiphany. I said screw it and I’m going to continue to play no matter what because you never know what lies ahead of you in life. Maybe I will get even better and maybe I will get an opportunity to go somewhere. I realize that the chances of that opportunity coming are very small, but why not dream. Why not go after something that you really love doing?