This I Believe

Jacquelyn - Countryside, Illinois
Entered on October 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in many things. I believe in life, I believe in love, I believe in chewing gum everyday. But, more than anything, I believe in laughter. I love the different laughs people have and I believe everyone has their own unique laugh. Laughter, often, is the thing that can keep a person going throughout the day, everyday. Much of the time, when I’m in a bad mood, my friends, in which I believe just as much, can put me in a good mood.

To me, then most effective form to communicate laughter is face-to-face because it has a great impact and often times, a person can laugh along with you and that just makes it all the better. I remember when I had just had a fight with my mom so I went to my friend’s house. She showed me a Taking Back Sunday behind the scenes clip because she said it reminded her of us. It was the lead singer and the drummer passing each other on set making the most ridiculous laughing noise ever. And she said that it should be our thing in the halls at school. And it was so funny because it did remind me of us.

The other form I find most effective to communicate laughter is technological, like cell phones or computers. I believe this because everyone can interpret things differently, especially when it’s humorous. A lot of this kind of communication comes through instant messaging or text for me, and a lot of it isn’t because I’m down, but just to make me laugh. I recently had a text from my friend shortly after I got out of his car from a ride home. It read: “ha ha I had the biggest fart when you got out of the car. To me it was something that made me happier because well, it’s not something you usually say to someone in a calm manner. But that’s just how I interpreted it, calmly. He, on the other hand, may have meant it to be loud and expressive. That’s why I love that kind of communication so much.

Laughter is truly something I believe in and I don’t think I’ll ever stop believing in it. It is something that goes on for generations and some moments can last a lifetime. Laughter isn’t something you want to block out of your life, among other things that are unbearable to withstand. It is something you n e e d in order to survive in this world, I believe, because you can’t get many places without it. In this I believe.