I believe in the power language

hong - Berea, Kentucky
Entered on October 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Language throughout time has evolved and become our major tool of communication in the modern society. Language is a unique way to transmit ones thoughts to the ones around us. Since the beginning of the existence of human kind, people seek a way to comprehend one another. Language had passed through many facets, and steps to become what it is now. I believe that language shapes the way I live my life, the power of the ideas I transmit, and the person who will I become.

Language is very essential for everyone. A single human being cannot survive by his or her own. In order to survive human beings need to interact and communicate with others. Only by those means of maintaining groups and staying together we can survive and continue to live in a prosperous life. I truly see that language is a factor that determines the way one lives. In today’s world, there are few people that make it through life all alone. The world has cities of all sizes some are very big, medium size, and others are small, but all have a very similar structure. All cities are formed by groups, not by individuals. As a result language is a key factor that shapes our way of life and determines the type of living we have.

Language is very powerful. The meaning and content that passes through language can be sometimes strengthening or weakening. It all depends on how the idea is being presented, and as well the way the phrase is said. It is a manipulation of words with meanings and ideas that make language flow like a river. Language gives the shape and form to the ideas that one has, and as a result can bring them to the outside world and share them with the rest of the world. Many brilliant inventors, authors, professors, scholars and even common people passed through the process of using language as a main tool for explaining their brilliant ideas to the world.

In fact language is a way of living. I believe that we live in a world that is ruled by a common way of communication, it doesn’t matter the type of language one speaks or uses, or if one uses mimic, corporal, signs, speaking, or Braille dots everyone is shaped or ruled by the language one uses. We are in this world that requires language as the essence of life in the world.