This I Believe

Jennifer - Big Springs, Nebraska
Entered on October 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe…

I believe that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger because I have experienced this through high school and sports. As a freshman coming into high school I was faced with many challenges. These challenges were both peer pressure and sports with all of my upper classmates. Within these challenges of peer pressure you have three branches: drugs, alcohol, and sex. Because I wanted to fit in, I choose sports over the peer pressure which made it harder to be accepted for who I am today.

For example, starting volleyball season with all the seniors, juniors, and sophomores I had a lot to fight for since I was a freshman. When you go in to practices they expect you to know and do everything that they tell you without questions. But in most cases you don’t and then they get really mad at you and start serving at you harder and harder until your arms go numb.

Now, you would think that being involved with sports would naturally mean I was accepted into some kind of group, but in smaller schools like mine you have to be into both sports and at least alcohol or sex to be popular. Very rarely will you find a school that accepts you for who you are. This may sound really bad because most schools try to keep their students away from the alcohol and drugs, but have you ever heard of the saying “what your parents don’t know won’t hurt them” well, it’s like that only instead of your parents it’s your teachers, coaches and principal. For example, when a volleyball player tells her coach that she was home all night, but really she was out parting.

They always say there is a reason for everything that happens to people. Having the seniors hit ball after ball at me until I couldn’t stand the pain anymore is something good, painful, yes, but good still. And that in return is what makes you a stronger volleyball player and person. It is the fact that you got beat on, but the fact that they pushed you to your best ability so that every year you can go one step farther to reach a new goal in your life. It is a great learning experience to go through because of what you gain from it. That is why I believe that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.